• Reverse marketing events
  • Candidate induction and screening
  • Job Matching
  • Job Advertisements and position descriptions


  • Cultural Safety Frameworks
  • First Nations Employment Strategy development
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Implementations
  • Policy and Procedure review and development
  • First Nations Procurement Frameworks and Policy
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  • Pre-employment support (Job ready programs)
  • Post-placement support (employees and employers)
  • First Nations Employee Assistance Program
  • Community Engagement Liaison


  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Safety
  • Specialised Cultural Competency
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We at Mob Jobs are particularly committed to ensuring our jobseekers are employed in culturally safe workplaces. Research has shown that culturally unsafe workplaces significantly contribute to the low retention rates of First Nations people who are three times more likely to be unemployed.

Today workplace cultural safety is a compliance issue and employers have a responsibility to ensure their workplaces are safe. Embedding cultural safety across your organisation requires a significant corporate cultural shift, which can be a lengthy process. And yet, despite our efforts, we can never eliminate workplace discrimination or cultural safety incidents completely.

Mob Jobs understands that most businesses do not have the cultural expertise or best practice cultural safety frameworks to ensure their recruitment of First Nations people is safe and sustainable. This is why we have created the Mob Jobs Registered Employer program.

As Mob Jobs Registered Employer your business has instant access to on call cultural experts and best practice cultural safety frameworks, to start employing First Nations people immediately and confidently. We provide the critical workplace cultural support for both the employee and employer to ensure a successful recruitment outcome. In addition, companies who are a Mob Jobs Registered Employer are meeting their social procurement commitments by engaging a 100% owned and operated First Nations business.

Mob Jobs Registered Employer’s receive:

  • A culturally safe recruitment agreement
  • Post-placement support (90 days)
  • A tailored cultural safety framework.
  • Cultural safety training (15 staff max).
  • On call access to workplace cultural safety experts.
  • Use of the Mob Jobs Registered Employer logo. (12 months)
Download the full program today.
Registered Employer Program